T-shirt: “FREE”




F (gun) The abuse of firearms has been a persistent problem in this nation and African Americans have been the primary victim of this nefarious act.  The irrational use of firearms by law enforcement agencies and terroristic supremacist must be abated.

R (nightstick) The law enforcement agencies have repeatedly abused their privilege and displayed partisan behaviors. We must condemn all forms of police brutality which are subtly permitted in this country.

E (handcuffs)  How come that the minority is the majority in prison? Justice has become colorblind; the mass incarceration of the minority is fostered by obstructive laws that give a legal backing to modern day slavery. We must condemn bias in the delivery of justice in all its ramifications.

E (handcuff) This addresses the need to be liberated from mental shackles. When a cross-section of the society is continuously slandered, jailed and killed, emotional and mental confinement begins to creep in.

$5 of every purchase will be put back into a Non Profit youth organization that focuses on educating kids on self development. Learning 2+2 will not help these kids with the issues faced at home. It’s time to educate our youth with a curriculum that will help them in various aspects of their lives. When wearing this shirt everyone will know that you’re part of the solution.

100% Cotton / Made in the USA
Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL

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